ABC Skating Skills for Kids

Outdoor program includes special skates for quick & fun learning

  • 1 hour
  • 10 New Zealand dollars
  • 11:00 am & 12:00 am, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Service Description

KiwiSkate Club offers an outdoor learn to skate program to children age 4 -12. We provide special Future skates, shoe sizes from EU27 up to EU34 for quick and fun learning! ABC Skating Skills description and performance standards: STAGE 1 AGILITY - fwd skating perimeter, 2-ft jump, 2-ft turn; BALANCE - fall down & get up, fwd push/glide sequence, fwd 2-ft glide, fwd 2-ft sit glide; CONTROL - slide steps, backward 2-ft skating/ walking, backward 2-ft glide; STAGE 2 AGILITY - backward 2-ft turn, fwd 180° glide turn, fwd 2-ft jump; BALANCE - fwd 2-ft sculling, fwd 2-ft to 1-ft glide, fwd push/glide sequence, fwd 1-ft glide with speed; CONTROL - fwd stop, backward 2-ft sit glide, backward 2-ft to 1-ft glide, backward push/glide sequence; STAGE 3 AGILITY - fwd 2-ft quick turn, backward 2-ft quick turn, fwd 360° step turn, backward 2-ft jump, fast fwd perimeter skating; BALANCE - fwd stationary blade push, fwd 2-ft slalom, fwd circle thrusts, walking crosscuts, fwd 2-ft to 1-ft curve glide; CONTROL - fwd stop with speed, backward 2-ft sculling, bwd 2-ft to 1-ft glide, bwd push/glide sequence, bwd 1-ft glide;

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Silo Park Jellicoe Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand