ABC Skating Skills for Teens & Adults

Learn to skate outdoor program for beginners

  • 1 hour
  • 10 New Zealand dollars
  • 11:00 am, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Service Description

KiwiSkate Club offers an outdoor learn to skate program to teens and adults. You need to have your own skates. ABC Skating Skills description and performance standards: STAGE 1 AGILITY - fwd skating perimeter, 2-ft jump, 2-ft turn; BALANCE - fall down & get up, fwd push/glide sequence, fwd 2-ft glide, fwd 2-ft sit glide; CONTROL - slide steps, backward 2-ft skating/ walking, backward 2-ft glide; STAGE 2 AGILITY - backward 2-ft turn, fwd 180° glide turn, fwd 2-ft jump; BALANCE - fwd 2-ft sculling, fwd 2-ft to 1-ft glide, fwd push/glide sequence, fwd 1-ft glide with speed; CONTROL - fwd stop, backward 2-ft sit glide, backward 2-ft to 1-ft glide, backward push/glide sequence; STAGE 3 AGILITY - fwd 2-ft quick turn, backward 2-ft quick turn, fwd 360° step turn, backward 2-ft jump, fast fwd perimeter skating; BALANCE - fwd stationary blade push, fwd 2-ft slalom, fwd circle thrusts, walking crosscuts, fwd 2-ft to 1-ft curve glide; CONTROL - fwd stop with speed, backward 2-ft sculling, bwd 2-ft to 1-ft glide, bwd push/glide sequence, bwd 1-ft glide;

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Silo Park Jellicoe Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand